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狼 (ULVER) 进口印制背标 The Madrigal Of Night (Back Patch)
狼 (ULVER) 进口印制背标 The Madrigal Of Night (Back Patch)



ADP053 DECEASED - Surreal Overdose (Deluxe Edition)

ADP053 DECEASED - Surreal Overdose Limited Slipcase Edition CD

风格:老式死亡金属(Old School Death Metal)

唱片简介:DECEASED(亡故) - 死亡金属歌迷对这个名字已经不陌生。从1985年开始,超过25年的坚定态度和每一张专辑的高品质,奠定了DECEASED 乐队在死亡金属领域的地位和庞大的歌迷群体。很荣幸 ADP 在三年前发行合辑 “Worship The Coffin”(棺木崇拜)之后,能够再度签下 DECEASED 合约,推出他们的最新专辑《Surreal Overdose》(超自然致幻剂)的 ADP 特别版。

这张唱片的品质毋庸置疑,是多家大型金属网站和无数歌迷评出的 “2011年度十大死亡金属专辑”。在这张专辑中,DECEASED 依然保持了自己的一贯特色 - 传统式金属的和声和旋律结合在死亡金属中。经验老到的激流金属技法,和荡气回肠的老式死亡金属节奏,每一段 Riff 都经过了仔细的斟酌,每一句歌词都经过反复修改... 历时六年,打造出这样一张从歌词到编写,从演奏到制作都非常严谨的老式死亡金属唱片。让这张专辑足矣和之前任何一张DECEASED经典专辑媲美,同时也是2011年的亮点之作。

和已经问世的美版不同,ADP特别版本特别增加了由 King Fowley 本人亲自撰写“专辑背后的故事”。详细叙述了6年筹备工作中的每一个细节,如何创作、录制的完整过程以及专辑每首歌曲的创意。中英文插页包括所有歌词以及内容介绍,附带超大60X55厘米海报。我们还特地邀请了国内著名的设计师王家斌(曾经参与ADP唱片GERM BOMB;《极端音乐》和《Total Thrash》杂志封面设计)设计绘制了特别版本的卡套封面,他的精彩作品又给这张专辑本就精彩的设计又增色不少。限量发行1000张,每一张手写编号。


Deceased - Surreal Overdose - 92%
Let me just start this review by saying, I have never heard any of Deceased's previous material. I spend a fair amount of time in metal forums, and that is where I learn about a lot of bands and music in general, but Deceased's name was never one that I heard. But just this past month I heard quite a bit of buzz about this album... Surreal Overdose and Deceased as a whole became my top priority as far as looking for new music goes and I couldn't be happier.

An Overdose of Excellence - 95%
Deceased has a special place in their extreme metal habitat for one important reason: King Fowley and crew have never released anything irksome or unacceptable. The American horror squad sends chimes of gloom and doom throughout "Surreal Overdose," which is only surreal in its substantial value. The musical frontier is far from illusory, as Deceased once again restarts the prototypical thrashy death metal that has defined this classic band's legendary efforts. Loaded with hooks and colossal riffing, "Surreal Overdose" sends a stern message to all the pseudo-death metal bands trying to be something they clearly aren't: you better leave the throne room immediately, because the King and crew still rule this horrific kingdom.

Feed them horror! - 93%
Deceased are one of those rare bands which never seems to release anything even hinging on a bad album, at least when it comes to their full length studio fare. Surreal Overdose possess what must be the best production of any Deceased full-length to date: the guitars even more brazen than Supernatural Addiction, the rhythmic balance meticulous, the vocals hovering at just the proper level beyond the asylum window. It blows the previous disc As the Weird Travel On clear out of the airlock, in both quality and the actual sound. A love letter to the psychological breakdown of all humanity. In summation...what a rush! You don't get an album from these Virginians very often, so when you do, it's almost always guaranteed to keep you occupied for many listens. Surreal Overdose is no exception, and in fact, and I'll go so far as to say it's the best thing the band has ever stamped their logo upon. These are men who love metal. METAL. It's not a hoax. It's not a joke. It's not a laughingstock for suits and hipsters and 'cultured' fuckheads. If you can say the same for yourself, then you're about to become one album richer.

Deceased - Surreal Overdose (8/10)
DECEASED ably demonstrate that there's many a new trick in this old dog, there's no denying they show the young pups how it's done.

Deceased - Surreal Overdose (9/10)
This is Deceased like they always are. Surreal Overdose doesn’t have the filler material that plagued “As The Weird Travel On” and it is the bands most consistent release since “Fearless Undead Machines” but chances are they will still struggle on in relative obscurity catering to the faithful few and facing indifference from the majority.

Deceased - Surreal Overdose (9.5/10)
Surreal Overdose is one of the most “metal” albums I’ve heard in a long, long time. Its like a case study on what makes metal fun and so damn enjoyable.

Album Review Score 9/10
I'd recommend that you stop burning your cash on bullshit caramel frappes and cell-phone bills and give Surreal Overdose your immediate attention. Just a fantastic album.

Best of 2011: Deceased - Surreal Overdose
You know that comic strip that floats around the internet, where a man asks a magic butterfly to bring back 1980s speed metal? Deceased listened. They dropped the death vocals in favor of a Harden Harrison style hoarse shout, and brought back both the 1980s riffs and the melodic centerpieces that made stadium heavy metal great. This album is even faster than the original bands but loses none of the listenability or power.

Deceased Surreal Overdose 4.5/5
DECEASED’s Surreal Overdose is one of the most addictive albums I’ve heard in a long time. I find something new to like in its depths almost every time I spin the disc, and I’ve been playing this album nonstop since receiving the promo.

Deceased - Surreal Overdose (9.5/10)
Deceased is a band like no other. Together now well over twenty years, the band continues to make important, integral metal albums that are always better than the last... I thought there was no way the band could do one better than 2005’s As The Weird Travels On, one of my favourite albums of that year, but here we are six years later and they’ve done it again.

Deceased - Surreal Overdose (8/10)
They are just Deceased, death metal as it should be, presented as is and with no apologies.

Aged deathsters don't fade away - they thrash til death! if top drawer death from the old school is your thing then I guarantee you’ll hear very little to top this album this year.

Cool samples, COOLER album concept, gang shout choruses, hooks from hell, ripping and thrashing death metal, amazing riffing, killer leads, thunderous and crushing heavy parts, savage yet understandable vocals from the King and a great production that let’s the music shine through are just some of the examples of WHY you need this classic album in your collection. ANOTHER album of the year candidate, or even album of the last 10 years! 44 minutes of CLAAASSSIIIICCCC DECEASED! GO GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deceased - Surreal Overdose (4.2/5)
I saw Voivod play a show at Roadburn recently, and note that Snake was wearing a Deceased shirt on stage, and listening to this album that kind of feels symbolic in a way - like Voivod on that night, Deceased on “Surreal Overdose” feel like a band born again, approaching another peak in their career.

SURREAL OVERDOSE is awesome and if you are a fan of DECEASED, and death/thrash in general, then you need to buy this, and would be a good starting point for new listeners so you can grasp the full potential of the band.

I strongly believe that “Surreal Overdose” will be the best album of 2011. It’s one of those records that gets even better with each listen. It is also one of the few death metal albums of the past 10 years that could hold it’s own with the classics! In an over-saturated scene filled with mediocrity and crap, a band like Deceased is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. They’re a band that is actually bringing something new to the table without it being some limp wristed bullshit and they’ve been at it for more than two decades! For any self-respecting headbanger, “Surreal Overdose” is a must! LONG LIVE DEATH METAL FROM THE GRAVE!



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